25 million pieces of Baklava per year

Simply Put. When it comes to Baklava, we have something for everyone. This year, we plan to produce nearly 1000 tons of Baklava. Imagine that. Just help to give you an idea, we produce over 25 million pieces of Baklava per year.
We pack so many formats, there is always a pack that can be selected for your portfolio, whether seasonal or all year round. Although the largest, we take great care in every detail and with every piece.
In addition to Baklava we also produce our newly famed Filo Snaps.


SIAL 2022


We are happy and proud that we’ve once again exhibited on SIAL Paris! It was a great pleasure to meet our current and future business partners and friends!

We would like to express our gratitude to all that visited us and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for having us.

Grand Opening


After seven years at our previous factory, we are proud to announce that we are moving forward.

We have relocated to a larger place in Donji Stupnik and have decided to celebrate this momentous occasion with our friends, family and long-standing business partners.


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