Production facility

Factory?  Well, most people in the industry that visit us call it a facility when they leave,
as we are no conventional bakery.

Our production facility is over 15,000 sq ft and the most technologically advanced.  Over a million euros has been recently invested in the latest machines and equipment making us the most modern Baklava facility in the world.

Every Raw material is sieved and every liquid is filtered including our water with regular tests to ensure our quality ingredients conform continuously to our specifications set out in our recipes.  The nuts we use are all carefully pre-screened using lasers and we have the final visual check using screening tables as we believe nothing is more advanced than the human eye, at checking for non-conformities within our nut selections.

In addition, we perform regular hourly or quarterly machine checks on our production lines, ensuring that we ensure consistent quality, recipes etc are strictly controlled and supervised.

Our Customers are a testimony to our success in producing a CONSISTENT product that we are proud of.

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