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Delicately hand-made

Based in the beautiful Mediterranean country of Croatia, New Bakery is Europe’s largest specialised Baklava manufacturer, we are focused on what we do best; Baklava.

Our products

Perfect taste

Our Baklava has been taste tested across Europe and we can confidently say we have the perfect taste profile.
Always ensuring our product is both crisp and succulent with precisely the right amount of sweetness.

Baklava: A taste for everyone 16. 01. 2018.

Baklava: A taste for everyone

Two British entrepreneurs will produce baklava for the entire EU market. British investors keep in touch with consumers...

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Europe's largest baklava manufacturer

Europe's largest baklava manufacturer

The largest specialized baklava factory in Europe, located in Velika Gorica, Croatia, has a very much positive...

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Production facility

Factory?  Well, most people in the industry that visit us call it a facility when they leave,
as we are no conventional bakery.

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